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English Language Arts

Learn about our English Language Arts course offerings.

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Social Studies

Learn about our social studies course offerings.

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Learn about our math course offerings.

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World Languages

Learn about our seven world language courses.

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Learn about our science course offerings.

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Elective Courses

Learn about game design, business ethics and more.

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Courses challenge high school and middle school students, exceed standards

MVS online learning courses feature streaming audio and video, computer animations, email, chat rooms, digital portfolios and more.

With our courses you can learn individually or as part of a class, in real time with the instructor and other students or whenever you choose, in a computer lab or classroom, or with a laptop computer wherever you are.

Michigan Virtual School online courses are for high school and middle school students. MVS courses are self-paced and offer great flexibility, and are taught by Michigan-certified teachers who guide students through each course. Click here to view the middle school and high school course list.

High school courses
MVS Plus courses for high school students are offered during the regular school year (semester and trimester) and in the summer. Advanced Placement courses are offered during the school year as semester length courses. Learn more »

Advanced Placement courses
Our AP courses are taught by certified teachers with subject-matter expertise and extra training in online instruction. These college-level courses include tutorials, multimedia simulations and online discussions.
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Middle school courses
Middle school MVS Plus courses are in the semester format. There are limited middle school courses available in the summer, including Math Tracks, Science Tracks and Algebra 1 – Testing Out.
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Summer Session
MVS offers a large number of courses for high school and a limited number of courses for middle school in the summer.

Courses exceed state and national standards
High school and middle school courses are aligned to the Michigan Merit Curriculum and other state and national standards where applicable.
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Michigan's Online Course Catalog
MVU administers the state's catalog of online courses. Through the state catalog, students have the opportunity to select courses from a District Catalog or the Statewide Catalog.
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MVS Calendar

High school courses are offered during the school year as semester- and trimester-length courses and in a summer session. Middle school courses are offered as semester-length courses in the school year; a limited number of middle school courses are available in the summer.

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(12 Weeks)


Middle School
(18 Weeks)


(10 Weeks)

Anti-Bullying Policy

Michigan has a statewide anti-bullying policy that was adopted by the Michigan State Board of Education.
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Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is the act of claiming the ideas, writings, images and other multimedia of others as one’s own without crediting those sources.
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