MVS Calendar

High school courses are offered during the school year as semester- and trimester-length courses and in a 10-week summer session. Middle school courses are offered as semester-length courses in the school year; a limited number of middle school courses are available in the summer. 

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Semester 2016-17
(18 Weeks)


Trimester 2016-17
(12 Weeks)


Middle School 2016-17
(18 Weeks)


Summer 2017
(10 Weeks)

Drop and Withdrawal Policies for MVS courses.

  • Enrollments that are dropped before the course start date or within five calendar days from making the enrollment are subject to a full refund.
  • Withdrawals after the drop date will be charged the full cost of the course to cover licensed material and instructor costs.

Course materials. Students/schools are responsible for any materials required for the course unless otherwise specified. Please see the course syllabus in CEMS for any required materials.