Trimester Sessions

2016-17 Trimester 1 (12 weeks)

Classes begin: 9/6/16
Last day to enroll: 9/16/16
Last day to drop with refund: 9/16/16 
Classes end: 12/2/16

2016-17 Trimester 2 (12 weeks)

Classes begin: 12/5/16
Last day to enroll: 12/16/16
Last day to drop with refund: 12/16/16 
Classes end: 3/10/17

2016-17 Trimester 3 (12 weeks)

Classes begin: 3/13/17
Last day to enroll: 3/24/17
Last day to drop with refund: 3/24/17 
Classes end: 6/9/17

Drop and Withdrawal Policies for MVS courses

  • Enrollments that are dropped by the course drop/refund date or within five calendar days from making the enrollment are subject to a full refund.
  • Withdrawals after the drop date will be charged the full cost of the course to cover licensed material and instructor costs.

Textbooks for MVS courses must be purchased by the school/student. Please view the course description in the Course Catalog to identify the required textbooks.

Courses offered in a trimester (12-week) format are MVS Plus and World Languages (not including Chinese).
Trimester-length courses are the same content and materials as semester-length courses, but paced over 12 weeks instead of 18.