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Our Science and technology course offerings are very diverse. You can learn about everything from our solar system, ocean ecosystems and your body’s anatomy and physiology to how to write computer programs, create your own webpage or even your own video games! Our courses use virtual labs and animated interactive activities to assist you in developing a deep understanding of the material. This department offers high school students many Advanced Placement level courses that will leave you well prepared for the College Board exams. In all their courses, students work closely with Michigan certified and highly qualified instructors.

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High School: Advanced Placement

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High School: MVS Plus

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Middle School: MVS Plus

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MVS Calendar

High school courses are offered during the school year as semester- and trimester-length courses and in a 10-week summer session. Middle school courses are offered as semester-length courses in the school year; a limited number of middle school courses are available in the summer.

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Middle School
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