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We’re one of the largest nonprofit virtual schools in the nation. We’re state supported. We use Michigan certified, highly qualified instructors. We partner with local schools to provide online learning opportunities to middle school and high school students.


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OLOT introduces the skills and knowledge key to online learning success

OLOT introduces the skills and knowledge key to online learning success

MVU recently released the Online Learning Orientation Tool, or OLOT, a free, self-paced, web-based resource that is intended to help students understand what online learning ent...

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MVS partners with your school

With MVS students can take up to two courses online but still attend their local school. MVS partners with schools to connect students to seven world languages and 20 AP courses. More »

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The Virtual Open House is always open. Visit today for an online learning primer.

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MVS: Changing Education. Changing Lives — Carley

Carley suffered a medical crisis just before entering her senior year at Three Rivers High School. She used online learning to keep up with her course work while rehabbing.

Real MVS students share their stories of how online learning created opportunities for quality personalized learning. Watch All Videos »