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Michigan Virtual School challenges students who want to learn in a different way, using the latest in technology to explore math, science, social studies, world languages and language arts in a flexible, personalized environment. Online high school and middle school courses are taught by highly-qualified, Michigan-certified teachers. MVS doesn't award credit or diplomas, but students receive a completion certificate recognized by local school districts that award credit and diplomas.

Online Learning Orientation Tool
OLOT is a freely available, self-paced learning tool designed to help students understand what online learning entails and introduces the skills and knowledge that are key to success. OLOT can help students better understand what to expect when participating in an online course and increase their level of preparedness. Learn more »

21f expanded access to online learning
Student access to any time and any place learning options expanded under Section 21f of Public Act 196. Section 21f allows students in grades 6 through 12 to take up to two courses online per academic term (with parental consent). Section 21f requires districts to use their foundation allowance or per pupil funds calculated in the State School Aid Act to pay for the expenses associated with the online course(s). Learn more »

MVS is accredited by the North Central Association and the Commission on International and Trans-regional Accreditation, meaning that MVS courses exceed essential standards of educational quality. Some MVS core courses are approved by the NCAA. View NCAA course flier »

Once you decide your student is well prepared to take a course online, your student understands what will be required to be successful, you find the appropriate course, and you have discussed the opportunity with your child's school, you will need to register your student with MVS. Enrolling your students in classes through MVS is easy when you follow the steps below.


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How does my son or daughter receive credit for their online course?

Before enrolling, parents should contact their child's local school to receive recommendations on appropriate courses for the student and to receive assurance that the course(s) will be accepted by the school. Through the Michigan Virtual School's Customer and Enrollment Management System (CEMS), parents can print out a certificate of completion that documents the course taken by the student and the percentage of course points the student earned. The local school determines how the course and final score are represented on the student's transcript.

Extension Policy
MVS instructors and administration strongly recommend that all students finish their online courses by the deadline of each given term. In the event a student is unable to complete the course in the given timeline, an extension request may be submitted.

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The CEMS Best Practice Guides for Parents are a collection of videos and documents to help parents use CEMS.

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