World Language offerings streamlined

posted on June 01, 2016

We have listened to your feedback during the recent school years and are happy to announce that World Language offerings from Michigan Virtual School are streamlined to better meet your students’ needs.

We have taken steps to create more clarity in the progression of courses by removing duplicate offerings and retaining courses based on the strength of the content from various providers. This will increase the continuity for learners over time as they move through the sequence of World Language study.

We expect that this will also increase our users’ satisfaction by decreasing the likelihood of technical difficulties with some language programs used previously.

The following World Languages are offered by Michigan Virtual School in the 2016-17 school year. MVS provides highly qualified teachers, certified by the State of Michigan in the courses they instruct.

Language Course Level Content Provider
American Sign Language ASL 1A & 1B Michigan Virtual School
American Sign Language ASL 2A & 2B Michigan Virtual School
Chinese Chinese 1A & 1B Confucius Institute (MSU)
Chinese Chinese 2A & 2B Confucius Institute (MSU)
Chinese Chinese 3A & 3B Confucius Institute (MSU)
Chinese Chinese 4A & 4B Confucius Institute (MSU)
Chinese Advanced Placement Chinese Confucius Institute (MSU)
French Grades 6-8 French 1A & 1B Middlebury
French Grades 6-8 French 2A & 2B Middlebury
French French 1A & 1B Aventa
French French 2A & 2B Aventa
French French 3A & 3B Aventa
French French 4A & 4B Aventa
French Advanced Placement French Middlebury
German Grades 6-8 German 1A & 1B Middlebury
German Grades 6-8 German 2A & 2B Middlebury
German German 1A & 1B Aventa
German German 2A & 2B Aventa
German German 3A & 3B Aventa
German German 4A & 4B Aventa
Japanese Japanese 1A & 1B Aventa
Japanese Japanese 2A & 2B Aventa
Latin Latin 1A & 1B Florida Virtual School
Latin Latin 2A & 2B Florida Virtual School
Latin Latin 3A & 3B Florida Virtual School
Spanish Grades 6-8 Spanish 1A & 1B Middlebury
Spanish Grades 6-8 Spanish 2A & 2B Middlebury
Spanish Spanish 1A & 1B Florida Virtual School
Spanish Spanish 2A & 2B Florida Virtual School
Spanish Spanish 3A & 3B Aventa
Spanish Spanish 4A & 4B Aventa
Spanish Advanced Placement Spanish Middlebury

You can access our course offerings on the Michigan Virtual School web page by clicking on the “View Catalog” button, or by visiting Michigan’s Online Course Catalog found on the Michigan Virtual University homepage. Note: All of the above courses, including American Sign Language, Chinese and AP Chinese, can now be found at MiCourses.org as well as in the MVS CEMS catalog.

Courses that will no longer be offered through MVS include Middlebury Interactive Language versions of French 1-3, German 1-2 and Spanish 1-3.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you to refine and expand our catalog of World Languages to better serve the needs of our students.

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