MVS courses added to GenNET portal

posted on February 27, 2017

Michigan Virtual University partnered with Genesee Intermediate School District by joining its GenNET Online Learning portal.

GenNET users can now choose from MVU’s online provider, Michigan Virtual School, when making online course decisions. The MVS catalog of semester, trimester and summer courses is available at www.gennet.us.

GenNET Online Learning provides students in grades K-12 with a wide variety of rigorous, high-quality online courses. All courses are aligned to Michigan standards and discounted on the GenNET portal.

MVS offers English language arts, math, science, social studies and seven world languages to high school students, along with Advanced Placement, over 90 NCAA-approved courses for student-athletes and a wide variety of electives.

“This arrangement with GenNET will help our school customers throughout Michigan better serve their students, especially those in need of online courses as part of a state approved seat-time waiver,” said Jamey Fitzpatrick, President & CEO, MVU.

All MVS GenNET courses are teacher-led, which means:

  • Teacher-led courses qualify for the Seat Time Waiver program.
  • Teacher-led online learning mirrors the role of a traditional classroom teacher in a virtual environment.
  • This format usually makes use of a web-based course management system or application such as Blackboard to create an online learning environment for students.
  • The online teacher provides the organization, direction, educational content and feedback for the students.

“The GenNET Online Learning Portal provides districts across Michigan with access to over 2,000 high quality and discounted courses that offer students a broad array of options for learning.  GenNET is excited about a new opportunity to offer courses from MVU,” said Dr. Lisa A. Hagel, Superintendent, Genesee ISD.  “MVU is a respected leader in online and blended learning in Michigan and their courses and partnership will bring an even greater value to the GenNET Online Learning Portal for all students.”

Registration is now open. Students in Michigan should contact their school principal or counselor to register. School principals or counselors should contact their local ISD/RESA/REMC for more information or contact OnlineLearning@geneseeisd.org.

MVU has developed a series of practical resources to support school administrators, counselors, teachers, parents and students in response to stakeholder requests gathered through surveys, focus groups, customer feedback, and conversations. The guides are available to download at http://www.mivu.org/About-Us/Resources.

The Student Guide to Online Learning is written for middle and high school students who are interested in taking courses online. Mentor Fundamentals: A Guide for Mentoring Online Learners is intended to provide an understanding of the fundamental elements of mentoring or coaching students for success with online courses. The Parent Guide to Online Learning offers advice for parents, and includes an online learner readiness rubric.

In addition to the guides, MVU offers more online resources:

Online Learning Orientation Tool (OLOT)
OLOT was created to meet a need identified by teachers, mentors, administrators, and parents/guardians to help students prepare for online learning and better understand what is expected of them. http://olot.mivu.org/.

Mentoring Basics
MVU offers Mentoring Basics, an online mentor orientation and training module that combines research with best practices shared by mentors during a case study project. http://olot.mivu.org/mentor/articulate/presentation.html.

The Online Mentor Community
The Online Mentor Community bring those who mentor online learners and others together and provide a home base for the latest resources, information about upcoming events, and access to support opportunities. Enroll for free at http://outreach.mivu.org/onlinementors/.   

About MVU
Michigan Virtual University is a private, nonprofit Michigan corporation established by the State of Michigan in 1998 to serve as a champion for online learning. It is the parent organization of the Michigan Virtual School and Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute.

About Genesee ISD
As a premier regional service agency, Genesee Intermediate School District provides leadership that links learners to public schools, the community, the private sector and public agencies to improve education and enhance lifelong learning for all citizens. GISD’s educational leadership impacts instruction, learning, student achievement, productivity, and efficiency. Strong relationships and partnerships help form the foundation of many GISD services. GISD’s operational funding comes from federal, state, and local sources, plus numerous grants. Visit geneseeisd.org for more information.



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