MVS offers online solutions that complement your school's curriculum

Students learn more taking classes at MVS, including world languages like Chinese and any one of 22 Advanced Placement courses. When you enroll a student in an MVS course you are assured that he or she will be challenged by the content and our Michigan-certified, highly qualified instructors. MVS is AdvancED accredited and a large number of courses are approved by the NCAA.

Expanded access to online education
Section 21f of the State School Aid Act expanded access to digital learning options for students in Michigan. This legislation enables public school students in grades 6-12 (with the consent of parent or guardian) to enroll in up to two online courses during an academic term, semester or trimester.

Section 21f requires districts to use their foundation allowance or per pupil funds calculated in the State School Aid Act to pay for the expenses associated with the online course(s). The legislation indicates that students may select online course offerings from their local district catalog of online courses or from those available in the statewide catalog of online course titles, including MVS

The Customer and Enrollment Management System (CEMS) contains the MVS Course Catalog and is the avenue for school users to enroll students in courses and monitor their progress.

You should create a school user account if:

  • You do not already have a CEMS User Account;
  • You work at a K-12 school, district or ISD; and
  • You want to enroll and mentor students in online courses.

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You can find quick answers to many of your CEMS questions in the MVU Knowledge Base.

MVS offers high school and middle school courses, including MVS Plus (core courses and electives), Advanced Placement and world languages courses. High school courses are offered as semester and trimester courses during the school year and in a summer session. Middle school courses are semester length.

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Course materials
MVS course fees/enrollments may not include books or materials (e-Textbooks are available in most courses). MVS AP courses may require that schools purchase books directly from the publisher.

MVS course prerequisites
These are the skills that every student who takes online courses through the Michigan Virtual School needs:

  • Proficiency in reading at or above the sixth-grade level.
  • Proficiency accessing the Internet.
  • Basic word processing abilities (typing, deleting, editing, cutting/copying/pasting, saving, retrieving files).
  • Each MVS course may have additional prerequisites. See individual course descriptions in the Course Catalog.

MVU’s partnerships with eight regional consortiums representing 33 different ISDs and districts provides for the efficient exchange of MVS courses and information between the participating regions. There is no charge for establishing a consortium agreement and it comes with many benefits to both partners. Consortium arrangements are available to all schools in Michigan. For more information on consortium partnerships, please contact Anne Craft at

MVS Representatives
MVS sales representatives visit schools and district offices throughout the school year. They are a valuable source of MVS information and will help you meet your online learning needs. Representatives serve districts by area of the state.

Region Representative Email Phone
Central Thomas Soria 517.664.5464
Western Brandon O'Shell 517.664.5463
Eastern Mable Fox 517.324.5372
Northern  Stacey Hicks 517.324.5382

Customer Care
The vision of the Customer Care is for every customer to feel satisfied and well-served at the end of every contact. Customer Care staff will answer your questions about any MVU product or service. They are available by phone and email.

Customer Care Staff Email Phone
Tracy Gieseking, Director of Customer Care 517.664.5441
Terri Sherman, Customer Care Representative 517.664.5397
Lenna Stockwell, Customer Care Representative 517.816.9514
Kelly Waddell, Customer Care Representative  517.816.9522 

You can also call Customer Care toll-free at 888.889.2840.