About Curriculum & Instruction

The Curriculum and Instruction team at Michigan Virtual School manages the selection, training and evaluation of both full-time staff and part-time consultant instructors. Our instructors are Michigan certified and highly qualified. They receive training and professional development on an annual basis to hone and refine the skills necessary for successful instruction in an online format. The Curriculum and Instruction team evaluates courses and creates curriculum maps to ensure the course content is aligned to state or national standards.

Curriculum maps are designed to address the essential questions surrounding a course. They demonstrate the course content, the state or national standards being measured, the learning activities, the assessments and the learning outcomes. Curriculum maps are valuable for all stakeholders in the learning process. Teachers have an in-depth knowledge of the course, students can evaluate their own learning for any gaps that may exist and parents can have a better understanding of what their children will learn in the course.

English Language Arts
All Michigan Virtual School English Language Arts courses have been aligned to the new Common Core State Standards. ELA courses are built around instructional strategies that greatly enhance student engagement. Writing instruction centers on providing focused feedback for students to revise and improve their writing. The result is a fine-tuned, well-developed persuasive, argumentative, narrative or analysis essay. In addition to increased rigor in writing expectations, students read, engage with and evaluate a variety of complex texts. The increased rigor in reading and writing expectations will prepare students to be college and career ready.

The Eight Standards for Mathematical Practice are incorporated in all Math courses. Students participate in analytical projects and reflective discussions that have been designed to meet the Common Core State Standards. Our Math courses push students to conduct higher level analysis, demonstrate advanced reasoning and engage in problem solving. The result is a deeper understanding of the complexities and interrelationships among mathematical principles.

The Science curriculum at Michigan Virtual School is focused on a hands-on approach to learning. Students apply the scientific method in learning activities that have been developed to encourage close analysis of data. Writing assignments, aligned to the Common Core State Standards, encourage students to be thoughtful and reflective of their learning. Students will be able to approach and solve problems methodically, much like scientists do in their practice.

Social Studies
The Social Studies curriculum is aligned to the Common Core writing standards. To ensure students are college and career ready, our Social Studies courses require students to engage in higher order thinking. Students do more than just memorize and regurgitate dates and facts; students read about and respond critically to a variety of historical events.

World Languages
Michigan Virtual School offers a variety of language learning options to engage a multitude of student interests. Currently, students can enroll in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, American Sign Language, Latin and Japanese. Our World Language courses provide an integrated, meaningful approach to learning a new language; students will be able to use the skills they learn. Enrolling in a World Language course with MVS means students will gain an appreciation for another culture. Students also will be better prepared to interact with the global community, which is a desirable skill for future employment.

We offer a rich assortment of elective courses covering a plethora of interest and career paths. Students can avail themselves to courses such as Film Studies, Journalism or Oceanography. Several courses are focused around helping students decide what career path might be best suited for them. These elective courses allow students to explore a potential career path or college major. Students are also able to take interesting courses that may not be offered at their school.

Advanced Placement
All Michigan Virtual School’s Advanced Placement courses are aligned to the College Board standards. Students engage in rigorous and demanding coursework designed to fully prepare them to successfully pass the AP examination. Highly qualified teachers provide instruction and guidance to students in these challenging courses. Currently, students can take Advanced Placement coursework in English, U.S. History, U.S. Politics and Government, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, World History, Physics, Statistics, Psychology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Calculus, Computer Science and Art History.

Interested in teaching for MVU?
The first step to becoming an online instructor for MVS is to apply for open positions at Jobs @ MVU. Your resume will be reviewed and qualified candidates may be invited to complete a condensed online course designed to assist you in becoming an online instructor. Click here to read more about instructor development at MVS.