Becoming an online instructor for MVS

When potential teacher applicants have been identified as candidates to teach online for Michigan Virtual School, they are formally invited to complete a condensed online course designed to assist them in becoming an online instructor. This initial phase of an online instructor’s development into teaching online includes immersion in a modularized, self-paced online course that showcases best practices gleaned from over a decade of experience in this business. Teachers become learners traversing such topics as: getting organized online to maintaining ergonomic health to communication strategies including use of social media devices to rendering effective feedback to incorporating multimedia instructional strategies in course design. Teachers emerge from this course armed with the essential tools that enable them to become adept online instructors for Michigan Virtual School.

In the next phase of instructor development, teachers are mentored by master instructors as they encounter real-life student, mentor, parent issues all while teaching a reduced course load of online students. Through monthly orientation virtual meetings with the MVS Instructional Manager, hurdles and issues are discussed as instructors take time to reflect, ask questions and further refine their online skills.

As new instructors become more confident in their skills, talents and cognitive abilities, they take on  a larger class load often teaching multiple courses within the same discipline to mirror similar experiences in a face-to-face environment. Through further coaching and professional development opportunities provided by Michigan Virtual School, online instructors typically move from more novice support instructors to becoming master lead instructors of a specific course. 

Open teaching positions are regularly posted at Jobs @ MVU. As enrollment dictates, Michigan Virtual School hires full-time and part-time instructors to teach specific courses for which they are highly qualified and Michigan certified. Interested candidates should submit a current resume’ and all other required documentation as outlined on the website in order to be considered for any open position.

iEducator Corps

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