Michigan's Online Course Catalog

Michigan's Online Course Catalog is divided into two types of catalogs. District Catalogs include the online course syllabi information for courses where enrollment is restricted to only those students who attend the district. The Statewide Catalog, on the other hand, includes the online course syllabi information for online courses that are available to students attending any qualifying Michigan public school.

There are different providers of courses in the Statewide Catalog. However, there are many advantages to selecting Michigan Virtual School as your course provider. Here are just a few:

  • NCAA Approved Curriculum – Michigan Virtual School is recognized by the NCAA as a valid provider of online courses with Michigan certified, highly qualified instructors.
  • MVS courses exceed essential standards – MVS develops courses in partnership with Michigan teachers that meet the Michigan Curriculum Framework and national standards. We also license content and courses that meet state standards. MVS is accredited by AdvancED. Earning accreditation from an organization like AdvancED means that the MVS online instructors, tools, services and staff meet or exceed essential standards of educational quality.
  • Michigan certified, high quality instructors – We use highly qualified, MICHIGAN teachers who have had both online and face-to-face teaching experiences. Our instructors provide in-depth feedback to student work within 72 hours of the time students submit their assignments; respond to student academic questions in our discussion forums; and publish progress reports two times a semester.
  • Personalized instruction – Knowing the diversity of Michigan students, we address individual learning needs. We don’t wait for students to contact us, we proactively reach out to students our instructors see as struggling or having difficulty being engaged in the course. We personalize by providing feedback to students using chat, text messaging, phone calls, emails and video conferencing.
  • Support – MVU’s Customer Service team and Help Desk provide support to students, parents, teachers and administrators via toll-free call, live chat or email. Our instructors are available at all times to answer student’s questions. We work closely with the mentors in the schools to provide “wrap around academic support.”

MVS Vendor Partners
In addition to creating its own content, MVS partners with vendors that provide online courses through MVS to students. Here are the major reasons why you should take a course from MVS and why we partner with premier vendors:

  • To provide the most up-to-date content. MVS-vendor agreements include all updates to content that may occur during a school year.
  • We align our vendor content to the state standards as well as CCSS where applicable.
  • We provide students with support materials not found in the vendor’s course content.

To enroll in one of our courses, visit the Getting Started page or the Courses page for more information on our courses and links to the MVS Course Calendar and the complete MVS Course Catalog.