Earn college credit with challenging Advanced Placement courses

AP courses challenge the brightest students and help them earn college credit while still in high school. Our AP courses are taught by certified teachers with subject-matter expertise and extra training in online instruction. These college-level courses include tutorials, multimedia simulations and online discussions. AP courses meet Michigan and AdvancED curriculum standards, and are geared to prepare students to successfully complete College Board exams.

AP courses are offered as semester courses during the school year. Visit the Course Catalog in CEMS more information.

With MVS AP courses, your school can:

  • Expand or add AP courses without the expense of adding on-site courses.
  • Reduce costs of small enrollment AP classes by offering them virtually.
  • Reduce the outbound transfer of students to home schooling or to neighboring schools/districts that have broader AP offerings.
  • Address the needs of AP students with scheduling or physical challenges.

Successful AP Student Profile and Prerequisites

  • Assume more responsibility for their own progress.
  • Exhibit a high level of discipline and drive.
  • Have superior writing skills.
  • Are proficient using the computer to access the Internet.
  • Have basic word processing skills (typing, deleting, editing, cut/copy/paste, saving and retrieving files).

Note: Each MVS AP course may have additional prerequisites.

AP Exam Review available from Michigan eLibrary
Follow these steps to prepare for the AP Exam:

Note: MeL requires users to register to use the practice tests.

Featured Courses

AP course criteria

Michigan Virtual School’s online AP courses prepare students for success on the spring AP exam for that discipline. Designed in a similar format as a face-to-face environment, our online AP courses are rigorous, semester-paced courses whereby students all progress week-by-week through the learning unit together so that they benefit from the rich collaborative discussions on the current topic for that week. A calendar due date pacing guide will be provided so that it is readily apparent when assignments are to be submitted. It is highly recommended that schools adhere to our policy of password protecting our midterm and final exam in all AP courses.

By providing the local mentor with the appropriate password for the midterm and final exam, the mentor can then validate for the online instructor that the assessment is being completed by the appropriate student and without the aid of further resources. This is imperative to ensure the integrity of our exams. All our AP courses have been approved by the College Board when submitted for annual syllabus revisions and audits.

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