iEducator: Transforming Teachers, Changing Lives

Michigan Virtual University is hiring newly graduated secondary educators in all certification areas. Individuals with dual certifications are highly desirable.

The iEducator 21st Century Digital Learning Corps is designed for recent graduates of Michigan teacher preparation programs ready to jump start their career with a paid, two-year digital learning teaching assignment. 


Program Description
This program is designed to be a career and life-changing experience, a combination of service, work experience, training and resume building. iEducators will participate in a two-year program involving professional learning, mentoring and digital instructional experiences. Additionally, teachers who complete the  full commitment will become graduates of the prestigious MVU iEducator 21st Century Digital Learning Corps.

Principals and district officials will know that iEducators are not simply certified teachers, but instructors with a proven track record of 21st century teaching skills.

The selected iEducators begins with a five-week training program, exposing iEducators to key concepts of online teaching, MVU employee orientation, and application of technology to be used during online teaching. iEducators will put their skills right to work teaching MVS summer courses.

iEducator Employment Benefits/Details

  • Service agreement: two years of online teaching with Michigan Virtual School, beginning Summer 2016
  • Full-time, competitive salary, plus benefits
  • Work from home with minimal travel requirements to the Lansing office upon completion of onboarding
  • Professional development in online and blended learning
  • Attendance and presentation opportunities at leading-edge state and national conferences
  • One-on-one coaching by a veteran MVS online educator
  • Weekly live webinars for additional professional development
  • Earn State Continuing Education Clock Hours (six semester hours, 150 SCECHs) by the end of the program

More Information


Londa Horton
Instructional Manager

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Testimonials from Cohort I iEducators

The iEducator program has focused on implementing new technology into our online classrooms which could also translate to a traditional classroom. We are encouraged to push ourselves to evolve into better 21st century educators.” ~Lauren Nick, 2015 iEducator

I like the flexibility in the program and all of the professional development opportunities that it provides throughout the year.” ~Deborah Brewbaker, 2015 iEducator

Through my employment at MVU, I have honed my relationship and effective feedback skills. Every day I am exposed to challenges that help me grow as a professional.” ~Stephanie Pearsall, 2015 iEducator